• Our theme:
    HSC's theme is leadership, social justice, public policy, and service. Because we are the small school for students who want to do big things, we empower our students to step up and positively impact society while pursuing their individual educational goals. 
    Our history: 
    High School in the Community was founded in 1970 as a teacher-run school and was the first small school option for New Haven’s high school students. Today, HSC continues to be an innovative and vibrant learning community. Through a multidisciplinary project-based approach that values diverse perspectives, HSC teaches future leaders the skills they need to drive change in the professions of law, government, education, politics, and nonprofit and business management. We ask students to wrestle with tough questions and justify their answers with carefully analyzed evidence. We guide students in designing and implementing innovative solutions and policies for real-world issues in greater New Haven and around the globe. As communities grapple with the challenges of social unrest, poverty, injustice, hunger, environmental degradation, and a host of other issues, the need for HSC graduates to be able to lead with these skills is clear. 
    To read more about HSC's historical impact on New Haven education, read “The Right Stuff About a High School.”
    Video credit: Adam Coppola