Core Values: the CRAIGs

    Chasity, HSC Student
    HSC is a long-standing educational institution in New Haven with decades of experience shaping young people into successful, independent adult learners and leaders. Over the years, the culture of our school community has solidified to be larger than any physical building structure or composition of our staff. The HSC values are based on what is necessary to build community among an incredibly diverse set of students and prepare them to become the leaders our 21st-century world needs.

    Those values are certainly academic and skill-based. But they are not limited to those areas. Indeed, they are perhaps most compellingly illustrated by what we call the CRAIGs, our 5 Commitments:
    Students at HSC are not just taught, supported, and assessed on their academic growth but on their character growth, as well. Online grading systems track their performance on CRAIGS in every class to foster comprehensive conversations about progress, covering mastery of course skills and content, as well as habits of work.

    Students who attend our school find themselves immersed in a community that strives to live up to our commitments to these values in and out of the classroom. We start the very beginning of our week with Motivation Mondays, a schoolwide meeting that highlights individual student’s skills and passions through live performances. We end them with a lunchtime celebration - Fly Fridays - where student accomplishments in both academic and character growth are recognized. Our town meetings, held monthly, are student-run and, along with advisory groups, serve as the cultural engine of HSC.

    If you see these commitments and activities as things you want to grow and experience in your own life and can imagine using them to work with others to be your best self, then HSC may be the place for you!

SEL_CRAIGs Skills - Rubric Scoring Criteria - HSC 2020-2021

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