• HSC is a school that offers students individual attention and the opportunity to be part of a strong, collaborative community. Our caring and inclusive school community focuses on participation and building relationships, allowing students to become increasingly committed to the school's norms, values, and goals. We build our school community by promoting parent involvement and positive peer relationships among students. Close bonds among students are formed through our school advisory groups and student participation in our leadership-in-action programs.

    One of the highlights of our school environment is how we cultivate caring student/teacher relationships that show students they are valued members of our school community and society. By enlisting students to maintain that sense of community, HSC provides opportunities for students to learn skills and develop habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Students in turn bring the value of a strong community to their neighborhoods and larger communities. Our students learn to give themselves in service to others and important causes, providing leadership opportunities for meaningful participation in the larger community. We welcome any students interested in making their community and world a better place.


    HSC has strong, vibrant partnerships with law schools, legal groups, nonprofits, and social justice organizations, in addition to the many connections throughout the City of New Haven that offer our students invaluable experiences for both personal growth and leadership opportunities. These partnerships bring together diverse individuals and groups, including principals, teachers, school superintendents, school boards, community-based organizations, youth development organizations, health and human service agencies, parents, and other community leaders to expand opportunities for children, families, and communities.