HSC Portfolios

  • All students in grades 9-12 create electronics portfolios at High School in the Community. These Portfolios are purposeful collections of our students’ academic work, projects, performances and leadership activities. ePortfolios allow students to share and reflect upon their growth in the areas of goal-setting, college and career readiness, cross-curricular standards, social action and leadership. Students in grades 9 and 11 celebrate their growth in voice, choice and responsibility by participating in portfolio defenses. Grade 9 and 11 defenses are a time for students to meet with HSC faculty members to share ePortfolios, reflect upon their growth as a high school student and set goals for future growth as they continue on their personal educational path at HSC. The Portfolio is an invaluable tool for demonstrating  mastery of content standards to parents, teachers, and for future college admissions and employment opportunities.