Why Choose Jepson

  • In addition to providing quality education and innovative programs, New Haven Schools of Choice are designed to foster racial, ethnic and economic diversity among students. There is an application process and lottery system for placement in these schools. 

    All students applying to a Magnet, Charter or Kindergarten at a Neighborhood School must submit an Application by Friday, March 10, 2023 to enter the Lottery. Do not submit your application to the school or school personnel. If any information on the application is not the same information on file in the Office, the Application will be returned to you.

Students at Jepson: 

  • 1. Thrive in a non-traditional, multi-age classroom with peers from a variety of cultures and communities.
    2.  Learn Arabic as a foreign language starting in Kindergarten.
    3. Work well with students of different age groups in a cooperative and collaborative environment.
    4. Enjoy a shared learning community where students help each other by modeling critical thinking, encouraging resilience, and push each other to succeed academically and socially.

How is Jepson Unique?

  • Benjamin Jepson is a multi-age school. Students learn and work together in mixed-age groupings. Students have the opportunity to remain with teachers for two consecutive years, allowing the teacher additional time to know and understand each child in their academic and social environment. 
    We are conveniently located near both I-95 and I-91.  
    We are nestled in a secluded, spacious area. Check out this drone footage of our school: https://youtu.be/bwpw2qV23zI