• August 2021

    Welcome back Jepson Parents, students and staff,

    The Jepson Parent Team is a great way to be involved with your child and their school. It shows support for our children and staff. Last year, we had a handful of parents who were involved with our operations. As always, we are looking for a bigger and stronger parent community. We need YOUR help!! We have some great events planned, but CANNOT do them without your support.

    We will have monthly meetings to discuss the operations of the parent team and plans for upcoming events. If you cannot make a meeting, we will email the meeting minutes out for you to review and return any questions, comments or concerns to us.

    In addition to the meetings, we need parents to volunteer for some of our events throughout the year. Signups for these events will come at a later date.

    Some of the events we would like to continue are:

    * Cherrydale Fall Fundraiser (runs through September)

    * Harvest Feast (date TBD, November)

    * Penguin Patch (Dec 11th – 15th)

    * Popcorn fundraisers (throughout the year)

    * Restaurant Fundraiser Nights

    * International Night (date TBD, May)

    * Spring Fundraiser

    * Bingo Night (date TBD)

    * Field day support


    We also strongly encourage you to help us out with our fundraising efforts. If every family purchased just one item, it would increase our profits immensely. The more our funds continue to grow, the more we can do for our children, staff an school.

    You can email us @ Jepson.parentteam@yahoo.com . We look forward to having you as part of our team.



    The Jepson Parent Team