Daily, consistent attendance at school equates with school success. We urge students and parents to make school a priority.


    ∙     It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to call the office (475)220-2900 when your child will not be in school. A dated note, stating the specific  reason for an absence, signed by a parent or guardian, is required no later than one day following an absence.

    ∙      Excused absences from school include: illness, doctor or dentist appointment,death in the immediate family, observance of a religious holiday, or a court order.

    ∙      Students who are absent five (5) consecutive days or more MUST return with a medical note.  A Family with Service Needs will be filed with Juvenile Court when a student has ten (10) unexcused absences or twenty (20) days regardless of excused or unexcused.


    Tardiness: Students are expected to arrive ON TIME for the start of the school day (9:15 am) and remain in school for the entire school day (3:25 pm). If a student is late, he or she must report to the Main Office BEFORE going to class.   Excessive tardiness will be reported to the truancy officer. Students must arrive by 11:00 am or will not be allowed to enter school without a doctor’s note.  

    Truancy Policy

    New Haven Public School district is committed to reduce chronic truancy and promote positive school attendance through a comprehensive, multi-agency approach.


    Our truancy program starts with early interventions in elementary and middle grades and engages the support and accountability of schools, families, police, state agencies and the courts in reducing chronic truancy.  If a student is absent 4 consecutive days without an excuse, the telephone auto dialer will call the student’s home and notify the parent.  If a   student is absent 5 days without an excuse, the school will send a letter home requesting that the parent contact the school. In addition, the student may be placed on academic probation.  If a student is absent 10 days without an excuse, the parent must attend a formal hearing within 5 days or the student may lose course credit.  If a student is absent 20 days without an excuse, the student is referred to truancy court and may face sanctions. If school absences exceed 5 days and parents do not respond to the school’s request for meetings, truancy and police teams may make evening and /or limited weekend visits to the home.