Our Facility

  • Benjamin Jepson (1832 – 1914) was one of the first primary school music teachers in the United States, and introduced music to the public schools of New Haven, Connecticut, in 1865.

    Benjamin Jepson Multi-Age Magnet School is celebrating its 26th year as an inter-district magnet school with a "multi-age" theme. We started our school in a temporary space on Wooster Square that housed just five classrooms. Our first year had about 100 students. After our first couple of years, our parents were so excited with our concept and the growth of their children that they asked us to expand. We grew from a Kindergarten through 4th grade school with five classrooms to Pre-K through 8th grade and 24 classrooms. Through these 25 years, the school buildings may have changed, but the heart of our school, and the theme of "multi-age" has not. In our vision, Benjamin Jepson Multi-Age Magnet School joins the parents and community together in fostering tolerance, honesty, integrity and friendship while developing in our children the skills needed to become independent, responsible members of a global community. 


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