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    The New Haven Board of Education transportation department’s number one goal is to provide safe reliable school bus service to all our students.
    We currently provide transportation to 17,804 students.  Of that number, 1,964 are transported from 23 towns to New Haven magnet schools.
    We operate 350 buses daily and travel 19,240 miles each day.
    It is school district policy that all Kindergarten and first grade students are met by a parent or designated adult when they are dropped off at their bus stops.  All K-1 graders are required to wear a bright yellow bracelet( provided by teacher at the end of the day) which indicates to the driver that the student is not to be let off the bus unless a parent or designated adult is there to accept them.  Any student who is required to be met and is not will be returned to their school.  School officials will then contact the student’s parents or guardians to pick the student up at the school.
    Student bus information is sent to all students the third week in August with information on stops and times.
    At the beginning of the school year, each student is given a transportation guideline booklet in their orientation package.

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  • Director of Transportation
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    Carl L. Jackson
    54 Meadow St 2nd Fl
    New Haven, CT 06519
    Phone: 475-220-1600
    Fax: 203-946-7507
    Email: Carl.Jackson@nhboe.net 

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