Our Academics

  • Active Learning

    At James Hillhouse High School, we believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or lecturing. Active participation in the learning process entails analyzing, discussing and collaborating - in order to comprehend and retain. All of our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing and student engagement with the class material.


    The Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides highly motivated high school students with the opportunity to take college-level courses in a high school setting. Students not only gain college-level skills, but in some cases may also earn college credit, dependent on their AP test score and the college where a student is accepted.

    AP & Pre AP Course List

    • Pre AP English 1
    • Pre AP English 2
    • Pre AP Algebra 2
    • Pre AP Geometry
    • Pre AP US History
    • Pre AP Biology
    • Pre AP Chemistry
    • Pre AP Modern World History
    • AP Literature & Composition
    • AP Language & Composition
    • AP US History
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Physics
    • AP Spanish Language
    • AP Computer Science




    Bell Schedule

    Delayed Opening & Early Dismissal