Superintendent’s Message to Parents

  • Dear Families,


    Engaging students in learning rich content that sparks their curiosity and creativity is our number one priority -- we’ve planned the “summer of fun” to do just that.  As a school district, we are united in one central goal: to ensure that every child is engaged in learning. 

    The Summer Learning Camp is a great opportunity to meet the needs for our K-7 students.  In designing this Summer Program, our staff has planned for a wide range of instructional modes that include hands-on, inquiry, STEM, and outdoor learning. Students with disabilities, students learning English, and students who need additional supports due to absences are encouraged to take part as are all who want to take advantage of the Summer of Fun,


    We encourage you to complete the application so that your child may take advantage of this invaluable learning experience. 



    Dr. Ilene Tracey, Superintendent